My Build a Bear is cool

I’m gonna start reading this book my owner says it’s a really good book! How long do you think it will take me to finish the book? Also I’m still not sure if my bear brother is coming or not my owner keeps talking about which is really freaking me out! Anyway also if you want to more photos with me in it then follow my Instagram anyway my owner said if I’m good we get to go on a hike today and I think that I’ve been pretty good today so if you want to see some of those pictures those will be on my Instagram and maybe I’ll put a few on my blog idk anyway bye bye now

I threw a huge party tonight I invited a hunch of my beary furry friends! We all had a blast there was a place where you could bob for apples and another place where a bear surved fruit punch! There were also a bunch of snacks while we waiting for the pizza to arrive! It was a very fun party! Also I don’t know if I’ll put this on Instagram but I just received word that I’m getting a bear brother! Idk if it’s true but if it is I’ll have to prepare for him! Anyway bye bye now!

This car is the pawfect size for me! And it has my beary favorite number on it number 48! This car is in the same musem has the huge bear that’s also on my blog! This was a limited time exhibit! They also had a huge Coca-Cola exhibit they didn’t allow photos in there though! Anyway hope you enjoy this photo

Biggest bear I’ve ever seen!! Today I went to a musem and found this huge bear also in the musem I got to see old fashion trains and a crazy 4 ft croshade Spider-Man shooting webs!

Bear fortnite and just chilling

me and my very beary friends are squading up in fortnite battle royale mode! if you want to see the orignal photo then follow my instagram! also we almost in the fortnite battle royale! until one if my favorite streamers duckythegamer got us! anyway GG cya later


today my mom said i had to take a nap and she said oh a little nap wont hurt YES IT WILL MOM!!!